We Provide You With The Highest Quality Front Racks, Made Of High-Strength Materials .The Rear Rack Has A Simple Yet Practical Design And Can Be Easily Installed With Various Cycling Backpacks Or Luggage. This Side Support Parking Rack Is Cleverly Designed And Easy To Operate.The Foot Pads Are Made Of Non-Slip And Wear-Resistant Material.Protective Pole Is An Important Protective Device For Peugeot Scooter. Browse Our Product Range, Choose The Peugeot Scooter Accessories That Best Suit You, And Enjoy Your Ride!

Peugeot Scooter Special Parts
1. Front Shelf
We provide you with the highest quality front racks, made of high-strength materials to ensure that your scooter can carry more cargo while maintaining stability.
2. Rear Shelf
The rear rack has a simple yet practical design and can be easily installed with various cycling backpacks or luggage. Its stable structure can effectively prevent items from shaking or falling while driving.
3. Foot Side Support Parking Kickstand
This side support parking rack is cleverly designed and easy to operate. With just one step, your scooter can be firmly stopped to avoid the risk of tipping over.
4. Foot Pad
The foot pads are made of non-slip and wear-resistant material, which not only provides a comfortable touch, but also effectively prevents the feet from sliding during riding.
5. Protective Bar
Our protective pole is an important protective device for Peugeot Scooter, which can effectively prevent damage to the body when an accidental fall occurs, and protect your scooter from collision and damage.

Browse our product range, choose the Peugeot Scooter accessories that best suit you, and enjoy your ride!