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For more than a century, Harley-Davidson has been synonymous with America.


Metal texture, graceful lines, even the hot exhaust pipe, deafening exhaust sound, these characteristics of Harley motorcycles all attract the attention of men.


The slogan of the famous car brand Ford is "make one car exactly the same as another car." But Harley is the complete opposite. We can hardly find the exact same Harley motorcycle on the road.


For a long time, Ningbo Borske has provided customers with motorcycle accessories, motorcycle parts, scooter accessories and parts. These include Harley parts, Harley accessories, front wheel for Harley touring, dual disc front wheel, spoke rear wheel, shock absorber, front brake rotor and switch cap.


Of all the Harley-Davidson modification programs, modified wheels are the most popular.

Adding a proper set of wheels to a motorcycle is like putting on a pair of comfortable shoes for a boy.


How to choose a set of suitable wheels?

The wheels produced by Borske are roughly divided into two types, forged wheels and cast wheels. The difference between them is the way of production and processing.

The cast wheel hub is made by casting molten aluminum water in a sand mold, and then machining it after it is cooled and formed.

The forged wheel hub uses a steel mold in which a heated and softened aluminum block is placed, and it is formed by stamping, and then processed after cooling.

The advantage of cast wheels is that the price is low, there is no limitation on the shape, and the toughness is relatively good.

The advantages of forged wheels are higher strength, light weight, good corrosion resistance and high dimensional accuracy.

Generally, forged wheels perform better in terms of performance and stability. But affected by cost, forged wheels are more expensive than cast wheels. This discourages many Harley drivers who prefer forged wheels.


Under the premise of satisfying the rigidity and load, it is enough to choose the shape you like, whether it is a forged wheel or a cast wheel, it is a good choice.