We are a professional supplier, manufacturer in China, specialized in motorcycle accessories for more than 10 years, our factory produce and supply high quality Disc brake lock.


What is a disc brake lock? Disc brake lock is a more professional anti-theft tool. Compared with other locks, the disc brake lock has the advantages of small size, light weight, and easy to carry. It is very useful for your car. When you are outdoors and cannot guarantee the safety of your car, you can use it. We will provide several matching ones The key, you just need to fix the lock on the disc brake disc, so that when someone drags your motorcycle, there will be a loud warning sound, which can not only remind you, but also scare the thief away, and can't move normally Isn't very useful?


Our disc brake locks are cast + cnc processing, the materials are all aluminum, and the craftsmanship is very good and exquisite.


There are many styles of our disc brake locks to choose from, you can choose different functions, one is direct warning, when someone drags it, it will directly warn, the other has two functions, direct warning + no sound function , if you think the sound is too loud, you can use only one function.


There is also an optional accessory, which is the warning rope. You can put the warning rope on the handle so that you will not forget that you have used the disc brake lock.


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1. The battery is the most common button battery in the market, which is built into the lock. When you hear the continuous sound of "clack...", it means that the battery is exhausted, and the owner is reminded to replace the battery in time. When replacing the battery, please use the hexagonal tool provided in the package to unscrew the 4 screws and remove the upper cover It can be replaced, pay attention to the positive and negative poles of the battery


2. When you hear a "beep" after locking, the lock enters the alarm state. After 5 seconds, when the lock or the car is vibrated, it will send out three prompts of "beep, beep, beep", and then vibrate again. After 5 seconds, the alarm will sound. If the vibration continues, it will continue to alarm. Lasts 10 seconds.


3. When the owner unlocks the car, he has 5 seconds to unlock it. If it is not opened within 5 seconds, an alarm will sound, and the lock will be unlocked with a key to stop the alarm sound.