How to choose the right car spoke wheel?

1. What type of wheels do you mainly provide?
--Car forged spoked wheels.


2. How many materials are there for car spoke wheels?
-- 6061 aluminum alloy, 6061 aluminum alloy rim + steel spokes, all steel.





3. What are the specific dimensions of the car spoke wheel?
--20*9/10, 22*9/10, 24*9/10, 26*9/10, 22*10, 24*10, 26*10, 20*9, 22*9, 18*8/ 9, 20*8.5/9, 22*9/10

4. How to choose the right wheels?
--Determine the diameter and width of the wheel, the corresponding PCD, CB, and ET values, as well as the desired color and number of spokes, etc.

5. What content can be customized?
--The size, color and number of spokes can be customized.